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Positive body image and self-esteem can come from embracing your body as it is.

Reject Diet Culture, Embrace Your Body

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Good body image and self-esteem can be hard

I help women and non-binary people improve their relationship with their minds and bodies. My approach does not include dieting or focusing on weight, spiraling into shame, or getting caught in the unhelpful comparison trap. 

My clients struggle just as you do. Despite being intelligent, supportive, and loving humans, good body image and self esteem is challenging. My clients have so much going for them, but sadly, the constant social pressure to be different leaves them feeling inadequate. 

When they first come to see me, too often they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts about their body appearance and wellness choices.  My clients frequently feel confused, defeated, and frustrated. 

They want to reject diet culture, embrace their truth, and find a more natural relationship with their body. They find themselves stuck, without direction when it comes to knowing how to put these ideas into practice. 

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A person reads a self-help book about anxiety, self-esteem, and body image

The anxiety of self-doubt is overwhelming

My clients believe that they are not good enough; that they don’t measure up to what society expects of them or their bodies. All while simultaneously feeling as though their bodies and emotions take up too much space. 

Much of their time and energy is taken up by feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. These negative thoughts keep them from doing the things they truly want to do. They aren’t the kind of partner or friend they want to be. They feel like they’re failing at meeting their goals, and their self-esteem has taken a hit. They play it safe rather than try a new adventure. Time and time again these negative beliefs hold them back and wear down their self confidence. 

Before they came to see me, they felt the negative thoughts about their bodies might never go away. They worried that no one else had ever felt this way, and as though no one would understand. My clients were certain they would never be at ease with themselves or their bodies. Their pain was overwhelming. 

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Feeling confident in your body is possible!

Like my clients, you deserve to feel liberated in your body and confident of your worthiness. 

A caring and loving relationship with your body and yourself is not out of your reach. 

If you want to embrace yourself and your body exactly as it is today, I’d love to help you get there.

Book a free 20 minute Discovery Call to learn more!

The sun shines on a non-binary person who has a positive body image.
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