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I'm Skye (they/them pronouns). I'm a Registered Social Worker, Body Liberation Counsellor, and Fat Activist. I'm in process of changing my business name to more accurately reflect my new name, bare with me! I don’t think I’d get by in life without my Google calendar (no, this is not an ad! Just living that struggle-to-remember-appointments life!). My roommate is the sweetest, fluffiest cat alive (Luna!). My main coping strategy in times of stress is dancing in my living room. In the past, I really struggled with appreciating my authentic self but now I accept myself as a whole. That doesn’t mean I don’t have moments and days where I fall back into old patterns. Being that I’m a recovering perfectionist, I strive to remember there’s actually no such thing as perfect and I try to practice compassion with myself- something that I often suggest in session with my clients.

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I work with women and non-binary folx who feel simultaneously like too much and not enough, both in their bodies and in their minds. They’re trying to improve their relationship with themselves- in this world which is rife with diet culture and anti-fat bias. My social work educational experience studying systemic issues like patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, colonialism, heteronormativity, and capitalism impact how I approach this work, and I recognize how these systems impact our everyday thoughts, and make it harder to value ourselves. I’m passionate about creating a world where people in all sizes of bodies feel worthy, at peace, and have equitable access to services, resources, and care. Having had my own experience in coming to a place of self-acceptance, I know the value of connecting with your body and feelings to get to a place of acceptance (and perhaps even love) with your body and yourself.

Selected Education and Training

Bachelor of Arts, English 2008

Bachelor of Social Work 2013

Master of Social Work 2018

Motivational Interviewing Training 2020

Registered Social Worker 2022

Somatic Experiencing, Beginner Level 2021

About: About Me

What is Body Liberation Counselling?

Body Liberation isn't necessarily about feeling attractive (although that’s often a nice side effect)...but it’s about freeing yourself from the confines of what your body is “supposed” to look like, be or do. Body Liberation works towards the goal of ensuring that all people- of all races, abilities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, body sizes, and much more- have equitable access to services, care, and resources, and that everyone feels represented in the global community. And no one ever has to experience body shaming! My approach to Body Liberation is intersectional, anti-oppressive, grounded in Health At Every Size® and anti-diet principles, and fat positive.

Body liberation counselling supports you in looking at how diet culture and anti-fat bias have impacted your life, often resulting in negative body image and a complicated relationship with food. With my support, you learn how to embrace your body exactly as it is today- without needing to lose weight! In a collaborative approach centering self-compassion, mindful noticing, and embodiment, I support you to work towards liberating yourself from what society expects you to look like, be, or do. When you strip away societal expectations and access your true, wise, self- what does that part of you truly want and need?

Book a free 20 minute Discovery Call to learn more!

If my approach resonates with you, but you want to bring other things into session, that's welcome too! I also enjoy supporting people experiencing anxiety, depression, binge eating disorder, ADHD, perfectionism, and self-worth/self-esteem struggles. Reach out for a no obligation conversation- we may be a good fit!

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