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About Me

Hi! My name is Katie McCrindle (she/they). I am a registered social worker and fat activist who lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. I identify as fat as a way of reclaiming the word and situating myself in a political identity. I believe that every body is inherently worthy, and those whose bodies are considered “larger” deserve to proudly take up space in this society which is both overtly and insidiously fatphobic. I am passionate about body/fat liberation and about creating fat community, both online and off, and I believe that the body holds wisdom if you can figure out how to listen. I incorporate a social justice lens in my work, recognizing that systemic inequality is the backbone upon which oppression is upheld. Feminist values lie at the core of my work, and I seek to practice an intersectional analysis, and to recognize how white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism inform and control how society and culture function. I enjoy weird dancing, spending time among trees, and snuggling with my cat Luna.

About Me: About Me
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