What is Fat Chat?

Fat Chat is a free social support group that Cynthia Boyede and I co-founded for people in "larger" bodies and those who identify as fat back in 2019. Currently, I co-facilitate this group along with three other community members. Due to Covid-19, Fat Chat is taking place on the Zoom platform until further notice. We are always looking for new members! If you are interested, please ask to join the Facebook group "Fat Chat" as there is a waitlist posted the Monday before each group due to a limited number of spots. The group runs on the first Friday of each month, 7pm-9pm EST.

A note about language: This group recognizes that fat is not a word that all those in "larger" bodies use to self-identify, and that folks may use other words (i.e.: thick, of size, voluptuous, etc.) to describe their own bodies. We absolutely support all those in larger bodies in self-identifying in whatever way feels most comfortable, but acknowledge the use of the word fat as a descriptor as part of the project of de-stigmatizing this word in order to disrupt the power it holds to marginalize and disrespect fat people. We acknowledge our understanding that fat experiences are all different and impacted by other elements of individuals' identities (i.e.: identities are intersectional).

A group of happy fatties after one of our Friday night chats!