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My first blog post?!

Hope you’re rocking your fat bod on this dreary day!

I’ve been writing a journal since I learned to write, and yet have never wrote a blog post…Do I even know how to do this? Let’s find out!

Since I finished my Master’s of Social Work (really, I like to call it a Master’s of Fat Activism) people have been asking me if I have a card, if I have a website, if I have a bio, etc., and this has ramped up in the last few weeks. Although I’ve been pretty consistently using Instagram as my internet voice of choice for the last year or so, I hadn’t yet made the leap to blogging. My perfectionism has always gotten in the way, along with my insecurity (will people really read this? Will they actually be interested in what I have to say? Will I receive horrible comments from trolls?…etc.). NO MORE!

Although I am but one voice in the fat acceptance movement, it is my hope that this blog will educate and inform, as well as provide a space for me to talk about the fat activist work I am doing in Hamilton. This work primarily aims to develop fat community and let fat folx know they aren’t alone, they are worthy of love and attention, and they deserve equal access to rights and resources.

Join me on Instagram @takeupspaceforever

If you are in the Hamilton area, please come out to our weekly fat social group Bigger Bodies Talk which takes place at Body Brave Canada (1047 Main Street East Hamilton, ON, L8M 1N5)

#fatactivism #personal

Get this awesome tshirt and support folks with eating disorders at

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